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Friday, January 31st, 2014
2:33 pm
unravel me - mix
for heloula's big bang fic

                                        zayn - listen                                                                                                                                                                           liam - listen
1. adrenaline nightshift // japandroids                                                                                                                                     1. thinkin bout you // frank ocean
2. jesus christ // brand new                                                                                                                                                     2. how do i breathe // mario
3. boy // ra ra riot                                                                                                                                                                    3. trouble sleeping // corrine bailey rae
4. never saw the point // cults                                                                                                                                                 4. you make me wanna... // usher
5. weirdo // the vaccines                                                                                                                                                         5. back and forth // aaliyah
6. do you love me like you used to // best coast                                                                                                                     6. my boo // usher (ft. alicia keys)
7. take me out // franz ferdinand                                                                                                                                             7. because of you // ne-yo
8. what you were // the drums                                                                                                                                                 8. turn around // conor maynard (ft. ne-yo)
9. just like heaven // the cure                                                                                                                                                  9. right thru me // nicki minaj
10. hold on we're going home (cover) // arctic monkeys                                                                                                        10. hold on we're going home // drake
11. everything with you // the pains of being pure at heart                                                                                                    11. 3005 // childish gambino
12. howlin' for you // the black keys                                                                                                                                       12. moonshine // bruno mars
13. first love // the maccabees                                                                                                                                               13. like you // bow wow (ft. ciara)
14. someday // the strokes                                                                                                                                                     14. you da one // rihanna
15. i 4 u & u 4 me (home demo) // the decemberists                                                                                                              15. you are // estelle (ft. john legend)
Friday, January 24th, 2014
12:41 am
where you lead (i will follow) - fanmix
for mozarts_piano's big bang fic

i. now is the start - a fine frenzy

ii. just a little bit - maria mena

iii. without me - anna miller

iv. power of two - indigo girls

v. home - gabrielle aplin

vi. young dumb and in love - mat kearney

vii. salty sweet - MS MR

viii. hello my old heart - the oh hello's

ix. i will, tonight - the brobecks

x. apartment - young the giant

xi. i see love - passenger

xii. and then you - greg laswell

xiii. banner (acoustic) - lights

xiv. you got me - colbie caillat

xv. the end - best coast
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
10:31 am
Deserted - Part 4/?
Title: Deserted
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Pairing(s): Louis/Harry (and a couple of surprises)
POV: 3rd, Harry’s
Disclaimer: this obviously never happened blah blah blah
Summary: Harry knew he should’ve never gone on the cruise, he knew something would go wrong, he just hadn’t expected it to be so bad as the whole goddamned ship sinking. So, to save his own life, he has to learn how to live on an island with an orphaned engineer, a doubtful captain’s son, a smart-ass farm-hand, and a suicidal pretty boy.

1 | 2 | Last Chapter
For what feels like an eternity, the lot of them do nothing. They sit still, so very, very still, and watch the panther practically ignore them as it takes it path towards the edge of their campsite. Harry feels the need to swallow, saliva collecting in his mouth, around his teeth and gums, but stays completely calm, and frozen. 
The panther doesn't even take a glance at them, just continues to glide past them, and Harry can feel the wind of its tail as it passes him, closest to the outside of the set-up. He shudders, closing his eyes slowly, and then the feeling fades, but he doesn't dare open his eyes. He knows if he does, it'll be bad. 
Suddenly, a hand reaches for his own, and he doesn't know whose it is, but he tightens his fingers around the other boy's, and doesn't try to wonder what's made the other boy grasp onto his hand.
A light whooshing sound brushes past someone from the other side of the fire, and Harry opens his eyes, unable to keep them closed any longer. Niall is practically biting through his lip, eyes squeezed so tight that it looks like he might cry, red in the face and shaking. Another pair of eyes meets Harry's, Liam's, and they're almost pleading, like he's asking Harry for help, but what can he do? 
Niall stiffens, then, and his eyes shoot open as the feline's body slides against his own, and he chokes on a whimper, eyes wide with terror. From beside him, Zayn tries to convey to Niall through his eyes to not move, even if the panther tries to get closer or move toward the rest of them. For minute, Harry thinks that Zayn is being stupid, because Niall, of all of them, is the least to act calm in a situation like that, and the way Niall's face openly shows his fear is not exactly a good thing. But then Niall attempts to take a deep breath, not moving too much in his position, and braces himself as his eyes close again, and Harry thinks he's trying to pretend that he's not there, and there's no giant cat, that could potentially kill them all, rubbing up against his back. 
A long list of moments pass, and Harry thinks that the panther has decided that this is its new home, but then the feline passes behind Liam, and it only pauses at one moment to sniff the air questioningly before striding back into the jungle, practically unaware of the five, terrified boys behind it.
For what seems like ages, none of them move from their places. Louis has somehow managed to scoot so far in between Harry's legs that Harry can feel his shoulder blades rubbing against his crotch, but he stays still, hand clasped into Louis', who had undoubtedly done so because the panther had walked right over his legs, scaring him half to death. Zayn's face hasn't changed much, from its pinched expression, but his body is practically shivering, and Harry can see his bottom lip trembling a bit. When Harry glances over to Liam and Niall, Niall's grasped his hand onto Liam's thigh, and Liam looks completely relieved, his chest heaving and mouth dropped open in heavy breaths. 
"Well," Louis clears his throat, and somehow, it's too loud among the crackling fire and the calls of night birds in the jungle, along with other strange animals that seem to be lurking in it, "That was a bit too much for one day." He tries to make the mood a little bit lighthearted, but Harry looks down at him, shakes his head, and then Louis nods once, feeling a bit defeated.
They all move slowly, then, gently standing to step back towards their hut, and Liam has to hold onto Niall's shoulder, guiding him softly to it, and he helps him into it, Zayn following not far behind, a large, point stick in his grasp that Harry thinks Zayn made no doubt, for this very thing. 

Before Harry can slip into the hut, he feels a hand on his shoulder, and he looks over to Louis expectantly, raising an eyebrow. 
At first, Louis only licks his lips, like he's trying to figure out what to say, and Harry waits, head tilted slightly to the side in curiosity. "Do you think we're gonna die out here?" He asks, and then bites his lip, sucking it into his mouth. 
Harry opens his mouth, immediately, instinctively going to answer that, no, they are not going to die out here. But, in all honesty, he doesn't know. There's no telling, and he doesn't know why Louis thinks he would know. Because he doesn't, not until they're rescued, or... not rescued.
"I don't know," he shrugs, staring at the ground with weary eyes, "I don't think so." Harry looks up to meet Louis' eyes, and forces a small smile, "I have a feeling we'll survive this." He laughs once, humorlessly, "I've been known to be right about a lot of things," he tells Louis reassuringly, and then slips an arm around his waist, guiding back towards the hut, where the other three boys are probably wondering where they are. "And now would be a good time for that to be true," he smirks, and Louis shoots him a hopeful, agreeing look before he opens the light green, leafy curtain to head inside of the hut. 
When Harry wakes up the next morning, he can hear arguing outside of the hut. It's quite, hushed and in whispers, but the tones of their voices are angry, and frustrated, and Harry sits up, trying to keep from waking anyone else up. Niall is asleep, snoring and wriggling in his sleep, in the farthest corner of the hut, and Louis is curled up next to him, legs pulled up close to his chest, and arms guarded over himself, like he's freezing, even though it's almost 80 degrees.
Harry moves to the curtained door of the hut, resting on his knees among the sand and leaves of the floor, and he tries to listen to Liam and Zayn outside of the makeshift home, ear pinned to the giant leaf. 
"So, what? You're saying that I'm being irrational?" 
"Yes. No, I just -- he's straight, Li. He's not going to --"
"Don't try to preach to me. I know what I've gotten myself into, I know it's unlikely he'll feel the same, alright? It's none of your business."
"It is my business, though, man, it's all of our business now, whether you want to believe that or not."
"How is it any of your business what happens between me and Niall? How is it Harry's business? Or Louis'?"
"Because we're all stuck here together! And if something happens, if someone gets upset over something, or someone feels uncomfortable, then it's up to the rest of us to --"
"To what? To fix it? Sorry to disappoint, Zayn, but it isn't your job to fix me, or my feelings."
There's a short silence, a long, deep sigh, and then Harry feels Louis moving next to him, moaning in his sleep. Louis grunts, opening his eyes against the sunlight straining through the tinted leaves of the hut, and looks up at Harry fuzzily. 
Harry holds a finger up to his lips, signaling Louis to be quiet, and Louis nods, quickly understanding. 
The talking has stopped, and Harry thinks that they've walked away, or one of them has, leaving the other to fume over while looking over the rest of them, as they're supposed to be asleep, but then the large leaf is pulled back, away from Harry's face, and Liam looks back at him, then glances to Louis, confused.
"How much of that did you hear?" He whispers, looking over to Niall, who, to Liam's relief, is still fast asleep, frowning in a concentrated way. 
"Not much," Harry answers honestly. Liam looks to Louis, a little warily, and Harry waves a hand at him. "It's cool, he didn't hear anything," Harry glances over to confirm it, and Louis nods drowsily, a yawn stretching his lips wide.
A frown creases Liam's brow, and he's biting on his lip contemplatively, like he's thinking relatively hard about something, and Harry pushes him back from the hut, following out after him. Liam gives him a confused look, and Harry tugs on his hand, bringing him down the beach, farther away from the hut, so that if Niall wakes up, he doesn't overhear them.
"What's up with Zayn?" 
Liam rolls his eyes, the first look of distaste on Liam's face he's seen this whole time, and he crosses his arms over his chest, like a disapproving mother.
"He's being stupid," Liam answers, and it's like he changes roles, from the mother to the unruly child. Harry raises an eyebrow, and sighs, glancing back at the hut, where Louis has emerged and stretches, his shirt rolling up to reveal his tanned stomach, which, for some reason, makes Harry's heart-rate speed up a bit.
"What brought up your thing with Niall?" Harry asks, turning back to Liam as he gulps. 
Liam shrugs, then, and it looks like he begins to chew on the inside of his lip. "When I'd woken up, I crawled out of the hut to see if Zayn had actually made it through the night, and," he laughs humorlessly, "He, of course, hadn't. He was sleeping like a rock, it took a good shove to wake him up." He shrugs again, a bit shamefully, "He got mad at me, then, and I don't even know what brought it up, what made him think of it, I don't even..." Liam furrows his eyebrows, dropping his arms to his sides. "I don't even know how he knew about it. I haven't told him anything about how I feel about Niall."
Matching Liam's confused expression, Harry hums a bit indifferently, and then hears rustling from his right, and Zayn comes out of the jungle, a few pieces of, fortunately, dry wood. Liam's turned away from him, he can't see the expression on Zayn's face, but Harry can, and he sees his eyes give a weary, sad glance to Liam, and then a nonchalant, tired nod to Harry before he steps toward Louis and tells him something, to which Louis nods and takes the wood from him. 
Suddenly, Harry feels like he knows something, for once.
"I think you should apologize," Harry blurts out before looking back to Liam. 
Liam looks at him, a bit cut off, like he thinks that's ridiculous, because what did he do wrong? Zayn was the one who instigated the conversation. But then he sighs, nodding silently, and Harry motions toward where Zayn stands, telling Louis something that's too quiet to overhear. Dejectedly, Liam begins to step over to Zayn, and Zayn's face contorts from its cautious look to a sorry, apologetic demeanor, and Harry smiles, just before his eyes meet Louis', who nods at Harry with a knowing look.
"Are you sure we should really be going out this late, especially by ourselves, where that panther could be anywhere? And any other jungle creature just waiting to pounce on us and --"
Louis shoots Harry a look, telling him to shut up, and then continues toward the cave at the end of the hideaway, expecting Harry to follow obediently, which he does without question. They step behind the waterfall easily, only getting a few droplets onto their skin, and Harry watches Louis as he sits down on the edge of the cave, just before the opening, where the waterfall is lightly misting over him. Harry smiles softly, then, and notices just how childish and happy something to simple can make Louis. 
Silently, Harry settles into the space beside Louis, and they sit in comfortable quiet for a few long moments before Harry glances to Louis, admiring his features that are somehow magnified under the moonlight shining through the billows of the waterfall. Rushes of water flow through Harry's ears, and even past it, he hears his blood pumping through him, and he doesn't know why he's nervous, but then Louis turns to him, their eyes meeting, and he blanches, a bright blush taking over his cheeks.
"How do you think the whole Zayn thing will turn out?" Harry asks, flustered, and turns to stare at his fingers that begin to fidget in his lap.
For a moment, Louis says nothing, and Harry can feel his eyes on him, burning into his skin, but then Louis sighs, maneuvering his eyes back to the waterfall. "Probably not in his favor," Louis answers realistically, and Harry looks up at him, humming back in an agreeing tone.
"So, you know Liam is, like," Harry smiles, glancing at him, "in love with Niall, right?" Louis nods drastically, like it was the easiest thing to notice, and Harry chuckles lightly, scratching the back of his head. "It's weird, I guess," he says nonchalantly, "That, of all of the people who we got stranded here with, it was with the people they had feelings for." He shakes his head a bit disbelievingly, "I never would've taken Liam as someone who'd have feelings for..." he trails off, because he can feel Louis' eyes on him again.
"Feelings for who?" Louis presses, but his tone is knowing, like he knows what Harry is going to say.
Harry shrugs, "For men." He doesn't mean it in a bad way, of course not, he's friends with gay people, it's just that he'd never pinpoint Liam as gay, or bisexual, or any of the sort. 
"That's a bit stereotypical," is all Louis says, with a dry laugh, and then turns to the waterfall again, leaning back on his arms. "I'm gay," he announces, and Harry just smiles, rolling his eyes.
"You, on the other hand, I guessed," he tells Louis, and the returning gaze Louis gives him is a mixed one of loathing and disbelief, like he can't believe Harry could say that.
Louis gives Harry a shove on the shoulder, almost knocking him over, and Harry yelps, sticking out his tongue.
They fall back into a silence, listening to the calls of the animals around them, and the rush of the water, and Harry sits with his legs crossed, elbows leaning against his knees, and his eyes close blearily, letting the sounds take over his consciousness, until Louis speaks again, his voice a bit more soft and questioning, unsure, and Harry lets his eyes open without glancing over to the other boy sitting next to him.
"What about you, then?" He hears him say, and Harry furrows his eyebrows at him. "Girls, guys, or both?" Louis elaborates, and Harry takes a deep breath, letting it out in a huff.
"I'm straight," he answers almost immediately, "I think," he adds, a soft mutter, and he doesn't think Louis hears it, as he goes quiet again, but then Louis' voice fills his ears once more.
"How do you know?" 
At first, Harry's mind goes blank. He doesn't really know. He'd just expected it, because he does like girls, he likes how soft they are, and how they smell, and the way that they smile at him when they catch him staring a bit too long. But, recently, he's not sure. After being placed on an island with Louis, with no way to get away, he's surrounded by constant feeling of something he's never felt before, not with anyone, and for some reason, Harry blames it on Louis.
"I don't," he replies honestly, and steals a glance at Louis, then finds Louis' eyes boring back into his own once they meet. 
Suddenly, Louis moves closer to Harry, arm outstretched over Harry's knee, and Louis licks his lips unsurely before looking up into Harry's eyes again, sighing. 
"Would you like to know?" He asks, and it's like it's straight from a movie, the way this is all set up, and Harry feels a soft shiver go up and down his spine. He swallows, trying to breathe, and he feels a bit trapped, but he likes it, and he licks his own lips, nodding a little too fervently.
Subtly, Harry moves his arm behind the figure of where Louis' sits, and he tries to lay his hand there without making it noticeable, and Louis nods back once, and he lifts a hand to Harry's face, cupping his cheek.
"Tell me if it feels weird," Louis whispers, not an inch away from Harry's lips, and Harry lets his jaw drop to say something back, but then Louis presses his lips to Harry's, and he intakes a soft breath, eyebrows shooting up in surprise.
It's different. From, well, what he's used to. With girls, they're more gentle, they let him take the lead, and they don't try to force as much out of Harry, but Louis...
Louis rests his hand back, and unintentionally drops it onto Harry's, but before he can move it, Harry grasps it into his own, and he tugs Louis closer, their bodies aligning together. Unsurely, Harry moves his lips over Louis' experimentally, feeling the softness of Louis' thin, pink lips, and Louis returns the movements with his own mouth, hand slipping down behind Harry's neck, pulling him closer.
A light, almost insignificant moan conjures up in Harry's throat when he feels Louis' tongue softly trail over his bottom lip, but he shudders, opening his mouth to let Louis take control. Slowly, Louis turns his head to the side, deepening the kiss, and his tongue scours into Harry's lips, lightly massaging over Harry's tongue, and a jolt of something that feels like a burning, warm sensation sparks up inside of Harry, and he hums at it, noticing the way Louis' hand tightens on his hair.
When Louis finally pulls back, his eyes are closed, and he looks a little disheveled, overwhelmed, which lights another flame inside of Harry, and he reaches up his free hand to brush strands of hair behind Louis' ear, smiling a bit cheekily at him. 
"We should... get back," Harry mutters, and Louis grins back, nodding a bit, and bounces up to his feet, holding out a hand to help Harry from the ground, though he's perfectly capable to do so on his own. 
He takes Louis' hand, anyways. 
Saturday, March 31st, 2012
2:28 am
Deserted - Part 3/?
Title: Deserted
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: NC-17(overall)
Pairing(s): Louis/Harry (and a couple of surprises)
POV: 3rd, Harry’s
Disclaimer: this obviously never happened blah blah blah
Summary: Harry knew he should’ve never gone on the cruise, he knew something would go wrong, he just hadn’t known it would be so bad as to be the whole goddamned ship sinking. So, to save his own life, he has to learn how to live on an island with an orphaned engineer, a depressed captain’s son, a smart-ass farm-hand, and a suicidal pretty boy.
1 | Last Chapter
The night goes on quietly as Harry keeps watch, and although he's not sure what he's supposed to keep an eye out for, he sees nothing important.
Somehow, he makes it through the night without falling asleep, humming and whistling to himself, sometimes he even begins to sing, and then, when he finally finds the sun peeking up behind the horizon, he glances into the hut at the boys, seeing them all still sound asleep, then he stands to travel over to a large boulder about seventy meters away. He climbs it steadily, setting himself up on the top, and he lets his feet dangle off the edge as he leans back, staring at the sunrise in wonder. For some reason, the sun is so much more mesmerizing from where he sits, more majestic and beautiful than he's ever seen before.
After a good fifteen minutes by himself, not really thinking about anything at all in particular and just enjoying the time he has alone, Harry starts to hear footsteps approaching him slowly, and he can detect exactly who it is rather quickly, just from the way that they walk.

"Morning," Harry greets Louis, who stands below the edge of the rock, rubbing his sleepy eyes up in Harry's direction. "Sleep well?" Harry grins. He's like a little kid just waking up in the morning.

Louis yawns, nodding a bit as his mouth stretches open wide, "It's really surprising -- you can't tell the difference between a five-star hotel bed from sandy ground. Not one bit," he mutters sarcastically, and Harry chuckles quietly. Louis finally looks up at Harry with both eyes, shielding them from the sun with his hand, "What are you doing up there?"

Harry shrugs slowly, "Better view from up here." He grins down at Louis, his eyes instinctively squinting, "You should see it. It's gorgeous."

A slight scoff comes from a still-sleepy Louis, and then after a moment of staring up at Harry, then glancing back at the horizon, he sighs, uncrossing his arms as he begins to follow after Harry, scaling the rock, and then he climbs to the peak. He plops down Harry's left, and he lays his head on Harry's shoulder, a heavy, warm weight steadily balanced near the crook of Harry's neck.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry asks quietly a few moments after Louis gets settled, one arm wrapped around Harry's torso, and Harry's arm draped over Louis' back. Even though Harry's never really been this close to anyone, he finds it extremely comforting. He's not sure if he likes the feeling of someone there beside him, or if it's just that he likes the feeling of Louis there, tucked into his side, breathing evenly with a slight yawn every once in a while.

"Why not?" Louis mutters rhetorically, "Fire away."

Harry lets his eyes drift down to his lap, where his fingers fidget with the seam of his sand-covered jeans, "Well... I have a few questions, actually."

Louis takes in a deep breath, then sits up, turning his attention completely towards Harry. He holds out his hand, as if expecting Harry to take out without question. They stare at each other for a few moments before Harry finally quirks an eyebrow, nodding at Louis' outstretched hand, "What's this for?"

"Thumb wrestling," Louis rolls his eyes, as if it's obvious. Harry tentatively places his hand in Louis', and they commence in a game of thumb wrestling.

"Why are we doing this?" Harry asks, confused, yet a grin spreads across his face, so he plays along, anyways.

Louis shrugs, not even bothering to look up from their joined hands, "Something to do while we talk."

"Oh. Well," Harry laughs disbelievingly. Who knew the guy who had wanted to die the night they'd met would be the most carefree of the two of them? He's so childish, the way he talks and acts. Harry doesn't see why anyone wouldn't want to be friends with him. Or even just want to know him. "Okay, then." Harry purses his lips, barely escaping Louis' thumb's grasp, and then he speaks, "Why are you so nice to everybody now? You weren't exactly the funny guy you are now when you were on the boat," Harry shoots Louis a look, and Louis just scoffs, licking his lips.

A smirk plays on Louis' lips, and he clears his throat, "I suppose I don't really have a choice, now, do I? It's either be nice, or be exiled." Louis glances up from their hands to Harry's eyes, "Besides, you're not so bad once you get past the first, initial demeanor."

Harry lets his mouth open accusingly, "Oi! I'm not that bad," he defends himself, and Louis manages to pin down his thumb when Harry stops paying attention. 

"My win," Louis grins, and then winks, and Harry feels something stir in his gut again. He gulps unsurely, then narrows his eyes, smiling with a challenging look in his eyes.

"Two out of three," he murmurs, pulling Louis' hand back into his own's grasp.

They begin to play a second time, and then Louis lets out a small breath, barely legibly saying, "Why did you stop me?"

Harry assumes Louis is talking about back on the ship, when he'd pulled him back from the edge, and, for some reason, he can't seem to come up with a straight answer.

"Because... because I don't know," he answers honestly. "I guess, at first I remember thinking, 'isn't that the douche who told me to fuck off earlier?'" Harry chuckles awkwardly when Louis purses his lips, and Harry swears he can see a darker shade of color beneath Louis' cheeks, "And then I thought about how one person killing himself would probably result in a lot of people doing the same, so," Harry shrugs, barely maneuvering away from Louis' thumb, "I went over. I could've left you on the deck afterwards, but, I just, you know --" Louis pins Harry's thumb again, and Harry sighs, knowing he's lost, and he needs to work on his thumb wrestling skills.

"You just didn't," Louis finishes for Harry, and they both look up, leaving Harry to be captured by Louis' bright blue eyes. 

"Right," Harry blinks, moving his eyes away forcefully. Their hands are still joined, and he knows he should pull his hand away, his palm is beginning to get sweaty and hot in Louis', but he doesn't. 

"Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Shouts a voice from the direction of the hut, and both of the boys glance over to see Niall cupping his mouth with his hands, calling out to the ocean. Liam emerges from the tent, his eyes still closed, and he yells out Niall's name, tackling him to the ground and scolding him. 

Zayn, sleepy and confused, stumbles out from their sacred tent, still perfectly standing, even from the night before, and he wipes at his eyes, attempting to drag the sleepiness out of them. When he finally opens his eyes, he watches Niall and Liam wrestling in the sand in front of him. The look on Zayn's face is obvious displeasure, and Harry glances back at Louis, then nods toward the area of the other boys.

"What's his problem?" Harry laughs once, unsure, and begins to pull his hand away, setting it back into his lap.

Louis grins, shaking his head at Zayn's expression, then turns back to Harry, expecting him to say something, but then his smile slowly fades. "You're... You're kidding me, right?" 

Harry furrows his eyebrows, "No..." He lets out a small, hesitant chuckle. "Am I missing something here?"

"I'll let you figure it out on your own, big boy," Louis says, patting Harry on the back before jumping to his feet and galloping back down to the beach below. He races toward Niall and Liam, and manages to pull them apart, all of them laughing and shoving at each other's shoulders in a friendly manor, even Zayn, who still looks displeased by the fact that the first thing he sees in the morning is two boys wrestling in front of their homemade tent.

"Harry!" Yells a voice, and Harry focuses in on Liam, who smiles at him, calling Harry over to the group, "Time for breakfast!"
Although it left Harry a bit confused at first, when Liam had tried to explain how they would find breakfast, Harry soon caught on that breakfast was going to be divided into two groups, a catching group, and a gathering group. He was, thankfully, put into the gathering group - because he obviously isn't much of a fisherman. 

And, because only Harry and Louis knew where the waterfall (and cave) is, Liam had insisted that Harry should show him while the other three attempted to get breakfast together. 

Unintentionally, Harry can sense that Liam somehow has become the leader of their small pack. He hadn't forced it, not at all, it's just that his personality is one of authority. He knows what to do, he's very thoughtful, not impulsive, and he's one of those guys who just has a good head on their shoulders. Liam had just taken the spot of leader, like an unspoken thing, because none of the others would really be willing, nor able, to be one. 

On the way to the waterfall, Harry strikes up a conversation.

"So... You and Niall, then..." 

It's better than an awkward silence, at least.

Liam scratches the back of his head, shyly looking at his feet as he follows promptly beside Harry. "Yeah..." He laughs, embarrassed, and Harry can see the red tint on his cheeks. "I don't really think he's noticed. He's a bit--"

"Dim?" Harry finishes, shooting Liam a grin, and a small chuckle shoots out from Liam's small smile. 

"Yeah," he shakes his head, "But in a good way." Liam glances at Harry, "You know what I mean?"

Although Harry doesn't really know what he means, he pretends, and nods, because he's sure he would if he knew Niall long enough. He seems like a nice, funny guy, but a little oblivious to a lot of things. And possibly a bit forgetful. But it just makes Niall all the better, he's sure. It's not like anyone could resist a smile and laugh like Niall's.

"So," Liam charges in, stuffing his hands deep into his jean pockets. "You and Louis," he gives Harry a lifted eyebrow look, and Harry laughs out loud.

"Me? And Louis?" Harry laughs awkwardly, "No. No, no, no. Hah," he runs a sweaty hand through his hair, "No. I'm not into guys."

Liam purses his lips, nodding absent-mindedly at the ground, "I thought that, too." He scoffs lightly, following Harry through a light patch of billowing leaves, "Before I met Niall."

Harry gulps, feeling his stomach churn and flip uncertainly, and then he steps forward to the banks of the large pond that leads to the huge waterfall in front of them. It creates a loud rushing sound, and he's glad for it, because he's sure that without the distraction, Liam would be able to hear his heartbeat pounding.

"Wow," Liam says, his eyes wide, and Harry wonders if that's what he looked like when he and Louis had first found this place. "It's a miracle."

Just as promised, Harry doesn't show Liam the cave, but tells him about the bananas and mangoes and other assorted fruits among the trees, as well as the plentiful water that's just at the top of the waterfall, and Liam just nods along, as if he's taking notes inside of his head, or something.

They travel to the top of the waterfall, just wanting a better view of the jungle, and what's surrounding them, and they sit for a while, just listening to the rush of water and the birds chirping at each other.

"How did you know?" Harry says out of nowhere.

"Know what?" Liam stares up at the large tropical tree in front of them, a large toucan perched on a branch. 

A deep breath rattles through Harry's lungs, "Know that you were interested in Niall. That way." Harry winces at his own shyness.

But Liam only shrugs, a small, knowing smile forming on his lips, "The first time I really noticed, and came to terms with it, was during our first overnight." He licks his lips, letting his head tip backward, his face aimed towards the large, open sky. "We were both sixteen, I think. We'd only become friends a few months before, when my dad had become friends with his dad after they'd stopped at our farm market while they'd been on a trip through England -- 'cause he's from Ireland, you know?" Liam peeks over at Harry, who nods, "But we'd just clicked, I guess. He's been the best friend I could've ever asked for. He always knew what to say when I was upset about anything, whether it was a girl, or school, or family. He would just say, 'Liam, you're the best, and don't ever let anyone tell you different, because they're all a bunch of assholes. Just listen to me, because I'm your best friend, and I'm always right.'" Liam laughs, like he reminiscing a memory, "And when I'd finally been able to go on their boat, when they'd been planning to dock in Liverpool, and my dad had actually let me drive up there to see him, I stayed with him and his family for an entire week, just living on their boat." His eyes close again, and he smiles softly, his voice getting a bit quieter, "Even though there were hundreds of rooms on that ship, he'd insisted I stay in his room. Every night I was there, we stayed up until practically five in the morning, just talking, just laughing about stupid things and telling each other about how our lives had changed since we'd last spoken. There was one night, though," Liam chews on his lip, "The last night I got to stay, before I had to drive back home, and he had to go along with with family back to their docking station in Ireland. I had started to cry. I tried to hide it, you know, because how girly was that? Crying just because I wouldn't get to see and talk to Niall every day? Kind of pitiful, yeah," he shakes his head, opening his eyes to stare at a cloud, "But he just told me to get into his bed, and I did, I did it so effortlessly, like it was just normal, and there was nothing wrong with two guy best friends sleeping in the same bed together, one sniffling and crying while the other just hugged him and told him that he'd call him as soon as he'd left the port." A quiet sigh leaves Liam's lips, and he sits up, wrapping an arm around his pulled up knee, "I'm pretty sure that's when I really felt like I had feelings for Niall. Because when I was with him, when he was holding me and brushing my hair out of my face and calling me honey, I never wanted to let go. I wanted to stay with him forever, even if all we ever did was lie together and just listen to each other's breathing."

Harry finds himself smiling gently by the end of Liam's explanation, and he leans over, elbowing Liam in a friendly way, giving him a reassuring smile.

"I'm sure if he went through the trouble of comforting you like that, he, at least, returns some of those feelings," Harry reasons, and Liam rolls his eyes, sighing.

"I hope so," is all he says before he stands, beginning to trail his way back down the waterfall. "C'mon, better get back with some fruit, or else they might start to eat each other." 

They laugh, only because they know it's true, and then head for the tall trees at the outline of the pond, attempting to figure out ideas to try and get the fruit at the top down to them.
"How come I didn't catch anything?" Niall asks, seeming genuinely confused that Zayn was the only one to catch anything, and Harry laughs at his expression as he takes a bite out of a papaya. 

"Because Zayn is the only real man here?" Louis guesses, smiling at Niall with a glint in his eye. Niall sticks out his tongue, and they all laugh before Liam reaches out, grabbing Niall's tongue between his fingers, and Niall starts to holler, yelling for Liam to let go. 

Louis leans his back against Harry, chewing on a piece of burnt fish, and he yawns mid-chew, stretching one arm up. 

"Tired?" Harry says dubiously, and Louis shrugs.

"I can't control when my body is or isn't tired, Harold," he gives him a look over his shoulder.

Harry only rolls his eyes at Louis, continuing to put pieces of juicy fruit into his mouth, and he laughs at Zayn, who puts a piece of burning fish dangerously close to Niall's hair, who has yet to notice it at all, beside the incessant giggling that Liam is trying to hold back.

"Wait, guys," Louis says suddenly, sitting up beside Harry. "What was that?"

They all fall silent, listening intently to anything, but nothing comes to their ears.

"What was what?" Zayn mutters quietly to Louis. The fire begins to soften unintentionally, and Liam, glances at Harry, who faces the forest, closest to it. 

"Shh," Louis shushes, and then looks over to an area of the forest, darkened by their shadows from the fire. 

Out of nowhere, a rustling comes from the trees and bushes, and Harry shuffles back into Louis, grabbing onto someone's hand, although he's not sure whose. 

Harry can hear someone gulp, Niall, he thinks, but he doesn't remove his eyes from the spot in the trees, unblinking and focused, and he hears Liam whisper. 

"Everyone, stay calm, alright? It's probably just a harmless jungle animal. A -- a monkey, or something."

"Or a tiger!" Niall whispers hurriedly, and Zayn reaches forward, covering his friend's mouth.

Harry finally looks away from the spot to see whose hand he's holding, finding it to be Louis', and he swallows nervously, his eyes moving up to find Louis', which are just as frightened, but more stern, like he's ready to kill whatever may or may not threaten his life. 

The rustling begins again, and Harry's grip tightens on Louis' hand. What if he dies? Right now? He's too young to die. They're all too young to die. But it's probably just a monkey, like Liam said. Just... just a monkey, or something. Nothing to worry about.

Before Harry can even draw in a breath, the rustling stops, and bright yellow eyes begin to form in the darkness, glowing from the fire, and a barely visible feline stalks out from the shrubs, its paws pressing into the sand with ease and grace.

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Deserted - Part 2/?
Title: Deserted
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: NC-17(overall)
Pairing(s): Louis/Harry
POV: 3rd, Harry’s
Disclaimer: this obviously never happened blah blah blah
Summary: Harry knew he should’ve never gone on the cruise, he knew something would go wrong, he just hadn’t known it would be so bad as to be the whole goddamned ship sinking. So, to save his own life, he has to learn how to live on an island with an orphaned engineer, a depressed captain’s son, a smart-ass farm-hand, and a suicidal pretty boy.
Last Chapter

The island is nothing like what Harry had expected.

It's not covered in lavish resorts, nor skimpily-dressed women in bikinis, not even any sort of buildings or people anywhere when they pull their small boat onto shore. It's only sand, sand, more sand, and then jungle, which does not look welcoming.

"So," Zayn huffs, placing his hands on his hips, "What now, boys?" He raises a peculiar eyebrow at the lot of them, and they seem like a motley crew in itself, and an incapable one at that.

Niall continues to stare at the ground, not answering anyone for anything -- even when Zayn had said he'd seen a fish and that it'd be rather easy for them to catch some, if needed, for food. And apparently, Niall always gets happier when food is being discussed. Liam, though, wraps an arm around his shoulders, and attempts to comfort him, because he knows that Niall can't be so out of it for long.

"Camp, maybe?" Harry suggests, shrugging. It's a start, if any.

Louis gives him a disbelieving look. "With what? We've got no equipment, and I'm guessing none of us know how to make a camp by hand -- out of things from a deserted island, no less."

Harry sighs, feeling embarrassed, and glares toward Louis, "Just trying to give ideas. No need to snap at me."

Louis smirks a bit, crossing his arms, "What're you gonna do? Vote me off the island?"

A few chuckles arise from Liam and Zayn, but Harry just rolls his eyes at Louis. "I'll go look for firewood or something," he mutters, and heads for the clearest opening of the jungle. It only takes him a good thirty seconds into the forest to realize he's being followed. He doesn't even look back -- he doesn't need to, he knows who it is -- and he just continues on through the jungle, attempting to find some sort of source of clean water, or food, or anything remotely helpful to the five of them.

After a good ten minutes or so, Louis joins Harry's side by quickening his pace, and shoots him an apologetic grin. "Sorry. Again. I'm just a bit worried, you know." 

Hesitantly, Harry nods in agreement, and he glances at Louis, "It's okay. I forgive you for being a bitch." He smiles as genuinely as he can, and Louis narrows his eyes, then pounces on Harry, ruffling his hands through his hair and shouting out rude names, trying to piss Harry off but just making him laugh instead. 

"Who are you calling a bitch? Huh?" Louis smiles, chuckling, and topples over onto Harry, still pushing at him, and they roll over and over on each other until Harry feels something wet beneath him, and he yells for Louis to stop.

"What the--?" Harry looks to his left, and there's only the jungle, from where they came, and then he turns to his right, and a ginormous pool of bright blue water, shaded by trees with jade green leaves and colorful fruits, is staring straight back at him. "Oh--"

"--my God," Louis finishes, and stands up from where he'd straddled Harry, offering his hand to him, and he gapes at the oasis in front of him. He's never seen anything so beautiful in his entire life.

They follow the side of the pool, going around to the opposite side, and there's a large waterfall from the rocks above, the clear, clean-looking water spilling from its height, and Harry laughs disbelievingly. Birds chirp loudly in the trees, giving out their calls, and Harry feels a rush of excitement. The fruits growing on plants are familiar, some are mangoes, some papayas, some bananas, and he can't really believe his own eyes.

"You're..." he hesitates, "You're seeing this, too, right?" He turns to Louis. "It's not just me?" Louis just shakes his head, heading down the banks to the water, nodding for Harry to follow him. He helps Harry down, grabbing his hand when Harry almost slips on a rock with some type of algae on it, and Harry drops down beside Louis, looking behind the waterfall that they'd stepped over to. A small cave digs into the side of the large rock, as big as a bedroom, maybe, and Harry blinks in surprise. This is amazing. 

"We've gotta tell the others," Harry says quietly, the rush of water almost drowning out his voice, and Louis glances at him, like he's thinking about something important, something secret that only he knows.

"Sure, yeah," he answers, finally, but then starts to walk into the cave, "But let's keep this place private. It'll be our secret spot." He smiles at Harry, and something turns in his stomach. Why is his smile so addicting?

"Like," Harry furrows his eyebrows, following Louis into the cave, "a hideaway?"

Louis laughs once, like he's laughing at a joke that Harry doesn't know and probably won't ever get, "Yeah. Like a hideaway." 
Ignoring the way Louis begins to stare at him, Harry turns away, looking around the cave, and he's sure if weren't as dark, he would see some pretty intricate colors around the cave's walls. He steps toward the nearest wall to him, holding out his hand, and he narrows his eyes at some sort of dark markings, and when he gets closer, he realizes they look a bit like animals. Slowly, his eyes take in the whole sight of the wall, and he sees the mural of dark black ink drawn on with fingers, the pictures portraying some sort of celebration, the people dancing around a campfire and animals in rejoice, as well.

"Louis," Harry says without looking away, "C'mere, look at this."

Louis walks up behind him, practically pressing up against his back, and lets his own eyes take in the pictures depicted on the stone. 

"This is amazing," Louis comments, a small smile quirking up at the corners of his lips, and Harry turns his head to look away, feeling that their faces are too close, too intimate. He can practically feel the blush creeping into his cheeks.

Harry clears his throat, then notices the dirt caked onto his arms and face, and he sighs. "I'm filthy," he groans, then starts to step toward the opening of the cave, only looking back to Louis once to say, "I'm gonna go clean up." Louis gives him a nod, a smile, and then continues his adventure in the cave. 

The water isn't too cold, but it still makes goosebumps form on Harry's skin when he steps into the clear blue pool without his shirt on, only a pair of boxer shorts clinging to his skin. He begins to scrub off the mud, the brown fading into the water, and then he runs his fingers through his hair, feeling the cool liquid running down his spine. He rubs his face idly, then holds his breath as he dives into the pool, his legs kicking slightly to keep him moving. Emerging from the blue, Harry wipes the water from his eyes as he lets his breath out, and he opens his eyes to see Louis standing at the edge of the pool, turned the other way, removing his shirt and trousers. 

He shouldn't still feel breathless, but for some reason, Harry can't remember how to breathe.

"Mind if I join you?" Louis grins as he dips his feet into the water, and Harry shakes his head, finally pulling in a large gulp of air. The way Louis lets his body meet with the water is provocative, almost sexy, the way he melts with the coolness, some drops from the waterfall glistening off of his chest, and Harry feels himself getting smaller and smaller as he lets his feet sink into the sand at the bottom. 

But when Louis draws closer, wrapping one arm around himself and smiling so genuinely it makes Harry's heart want to burst, Harry isn't expecting Louis to reach out a hand and caress his cheek softy, his slender fingers curving around his cheekbone.

"You missed a spot," Louis explains, and lets his hand drop back to the water.


After trying to look busy, washing himself repeatedly and standing under the waterfall, taking in large gulps of water that fell off the rocks, Harry gets out of the water and shakes the wetness out of his hair. He picks up his pants from the boulder he'd set them on and slides them on carefully, almost losing his balance and tripping into a large, colorful tree, then proceeds to pull on his dark navy polo shirt. The clothes are a bit warm from the sunlight that had cast itself onto them. 

Harry sits himself down on the large rock he'd originally put his clothes on and watches Louis in the pool, his body moving slowly over the top of the water as he drifts, his arms pushing his backwards in different angles. His eyes are closed, like he's completely at peace, and Harry lets his eyes drift close. He's a bit tired from having stayed up all night, then being stuck on a boat with four other guys for eight hours, always keeping watch for an island or boat in the midst. But he's not going to sleep. He is most definitely not going to fall asleep. Not... one... bit...


"Harry," whispers a warm voice in his ear, and Harry can't help but smile. The voice laughs slightly, then hands press onto Harry's shoulders, shaking him gently. "Harry, wake up," the voice says again, and Harry groans sadly. He doesn't want to wake up just yet. "Don't make me carry you, come on," the voice mutters exasperatedly, and then Harry opens one eye to see it's Louis, and he yawns.

It's not quite dark yet, but the sun is practically setting, from the way the sky looks, pinks and reds shooting out in opposite directions from the horizon, and Harry shoots up on the boulder, his eyes wide. Louis is knelt beside the rock, an eyebrow quirked curiously at Harry.

"How long have I been asleep?" Harry's own eyebrows furrow.

Louis shrugs, "About five hours, I guess?" Five hours? Shit, Harry thinks, the others are probably worried sick. 

"Wait," Harry turns to Louis, "What have you been doing while I've been sleeping?" Louis grins, standing, and places his hands in his pockets.

"I went back and told the guys that you fell asleep out here," even though Harry knows he should be angry that Louis actually left him alone in the jungle, he isn't, because he can't be, not with the honest smile Louis is giving him. "I got lost coming back out here, though. I'm lucky I found you again, really."

"You got lost," Harry says bluntly, not a question, and scoffs. "This place is barely fifteen minutes away from camp, how the hell did you get lost?"

Louis shrugs, like it's not his fault, and then motions toward camp and tells Harry that they should get back before it gets really dark, otherwise who knows what animals could be lurking, just waiting for innocent humans like them to come around so that they can pounce on them. Harry rolls his eyes, then begins to follow Louis back to camp, and he feels like he should thank Louis for letting him sleep, instead of waking him up and making him go back to help set up, but he doesn't know how much of an effort just a quaint 'thank you' would be. 


"Hey! Sleeping beauty's back," yells Niall when Harry returns with Louis, and Harry can see that Niall is back to being himself, at least a bit, if anything. 

Liam and Zayn glance up from the craft that they're working on, and they smile knowingly, and Harry is getting real tired of that smile going around. It's like he's the only one who doesn't get the goddamn joke. 

"Have a nice nap?" Liam asks rhetorically, and Harry narrows his eyes, smirking.

"Yeah, actually, I did, thanks," he says, a hint of mockery in his tone, and Liam just shakes his head, unphased by it. 

"Louis, why don't you go show Harry the set-up for camp? You know, give him details on sleeping arrangements and whatnot," Liam suggests, and Louis nods at him, then grabs Harry's hand, pulling him in the opposite direction of the boys.

When Harry turns to see the camp, he's astonished. Bewildered, almost. 

They used the boat to make a back wall, stood up against a large tree that stretches out over the majority of the camp, and huge leaves and scattered among the ground, flattened to look like flooring. They've started a fire, somehow, and it sits in the opening of the doorway, made by tall branches tied together with vines, and the way the fire's light glows off of the leaves makes it look a bit happier than what the island had been when they'd first arrived.

"How--?" Harry practically chokes, surprised that they'd gotten so much done while he'd been asleep, and Louis looks down, like he's embarrassed, or something.

"Took a lot of work, but we did it in less than three hours," Niall says from behind them, throwing an arm around each of their shoulders. 

"You got a fire going," Harry says in awe. Niall nods proudly.

"You'd be surprised at what you can get done with some shiny metal and wood," Niall boasts, and then divides the two of them as he walks past to burrow inside of the little hut made by branches and leaves. "C'mon, check it out."

Louis nods for Harry to go inside first, and when Harry witnesses the top of the small tent, he can see the stars bursting through the wood above. A medium-sized hole is set in the middle, where the smoke can get out freely without suffocating them, and the boat in the back of the hut creates a sort of shield from the jungle. Harry smiles, and he sits down next to Niall, nodding his approval.

"This is amazing, guys," he comments, and Louis plops down next to Harry. "Really. And I'm sorry I wasn't here to help," Harry looks down at the fire, staring at it with narrowed eyes.

"It's alright, man," says Zayn, who enters the hut before Liam, and he sits next to Niall, crossing his feet near the edge of the fire pit. "We're all tired."

"Some of us more than others," Liam lays down, looking up at the ceiling of their homemade tent. "And besides," he glances at Harry, "You'll repay us somehow." He winks, and Harry groans with false happiness.

"For now, though," Liam continues, "We should probably get some sleep." Niall nods eagerly in agreement, then stands and moves to Liam's side, curling into his back and wrapping an arm around his waist, and Zayn stretches out, taking over where Niall had been. "You get first watch, Harry," Liam grins.

Harry sighs, standing from his spot and walking to the outside of the hut, and he sits back down at the edge of the opening, close to where Louis lays down. Louis' head pops out from the door, holding back a large, green leaf, and he looks up at Harry.

"I can stay up with you, if you want someone to talk to," Louis offers, but Harry shakes his head. Louis is probably tired, too, and he deserves some shut-eye.

"Go to sleep, Lou," Harry murmurs, pulling the leaf back over Louis' face, and even though he can't see Louis, he's almost positive he's smiling, because he is, too.
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a/n: sorry this one is a bit short, but i needed to start packing for my trip. hope you still enjoyed!
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Deserted - Part 1/?
Title: Deserted
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: NC-17(overall)
Pairing(s): Louis/Harry
POV: 3rd, Harry's
Disclaimer: this obviously never happened blah blah blah
Summary: Harry knew he should've never gone on the cruise, he knew something would go wrong, he just hadn't known it would be so bad as to be the whole goddamned ship sinking. So, to save his own life, he has to learn how to live on an island with an orphaned engineer, a depressed captain's son, a smart-ass farm-hand, and a suicidal pretty boy.

Harry draws in a breath, pulling in the cold, night air from the ocean around him, and he slowly turns to the man in a ridiculously pure white suit, and he raises an eyebrow.

"Only first class passengers are allowed on deck at this time," the crew member tells him, and Harry merely rolls his eyes.

A young man, about Harry's age, if not older, steps out from behind the sailor, giving Harry an annoyed look.

"In other words, fuck off," the malicious words leave the boy's lips, acid dripping from the syllables, and Harry takes in his appearance.

From the boy's feet to his hair, he screams posh. His feet are decked with a pair of plain white slip-ons, leading up to his trousers, bright red and extremely tight, and they're held up by a lightly pink colored set of suspenders. The buckles shine when the boy changes his stance, glimmering in the moonlight, and they press closely against a light blue button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. And, in addition to all of that, the boy's expression is pinched and angry, and his hair flutters messily around his head, perfectly quaff. It's an odd sight for Harry, as he's not exactly used to seeing anyone so made of money, and he can automatically tell that the boy is playing for the other team.

"Right," Harry mutters, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "sorry," he practically spits at the boy opposite him.

When Harry unlocks the door to his room, two levels below the deck, about ten minutes later, there's a large and extremely terrifying halt to the ship, and suddenly the lights flicker out, and all Harry can hear are the screams and pitter-patter of running in the corridor.

Doors to other passengers' rooms slam open, the people shouting and demanding to know what's going on. Another teenaged boy, shorter then Harry, mostly blonde with brown on the sides of his head (odd, Harry thinks), runs down the hallway, yelling at the passengers, telling them to stay calm and to go up to the top deck as soon as possible.

Harry is one of the first to get up to the deck, practically jumping every three steps and throwing himself up the staircases, and he trips over his feet to make it to the front of the crowd that's gathering.

Terrified children are crying, cramming their reddened faces into their mothers' waists, and Harry's heart begins to race, he thinks he might be having a heart-attack.

"Everyone, please stay calm!" Yells the boy he had just seen below deck, and he sounds Irish from what Harry can tell, and he tries to shush the passengers, although it doesn't seem to work. He stands at the front of the crowd, just steps away from Harry. 

"Stay calm?" Says an angry man with a blistering red complexion.

"What's happened?" Asks a mother with three children crowded around her.

"Did we hit something?"

"Is the ship sinking?"

"Are we all going to die?"

"Shut up!" Screams the boy as he climbs on top of one of the barrels on the deck. "I will answer as many of your questions as I can, but I can't do that if you all don't shut your goddamned mouths!"

The crowd quiets after that, the shuffling of feet the only amiable sound on deck.

"Who are you, anyways?" Yells a man from the back.

"I'm Niall Horan, the captain's son, and he sent me to calm the crowd," says the boy, holding onto a rope that's tied to a large, wooden pole.

"Is the ship in danger?"

"I'm afraid so," Niall answers, and the passengers grow tense. Harry swallows the growing lump in his throat. "We're not sure what we hit, if we hit anything, even, but we do know that we need to get everyone into lifeboats as soon as we can."

Some people heave exasperated sighs, some begin to cry, but Harry rushes to Niall, who steadily jumps down from the barrel only to be greeted by Harry at the bottom.

"Tell me how to help," he says to Niall, who looks at Harry in surprise.

"Children and women first," Niall answers when he recovers. "I'm almost positive that we have enough for everyone, since it's regulation," Niall chews on his lip and nods for Harry to follow him the crowd.

"What about the radio?" Harry tries to call out over the roaring of the crowd.

Niall shakes his head, his face contortedly sadly, "Busted when the power went out. We have no communications through that piece of junk."

"Cell phones, then?" Harry suggests.

Niall shakes his head again, "No signal." Harry tries to to think desperately, chasing after Niall into the control room.

A man in a white suit stands at the wheel, leaning into it as he speaks to a man opposite him wearing some kind of dark blue coveralls, and if the looks on their faces can say anything, it isn't good. 

Another boy, tan with dark hair and sharp features, stands beside the man in coveralls, and he steps over to Niall when they walk in.

"How's the engines?" Niall questions softly.

"The room's flooding, already up to my waist just at the stairs, there's no way we're getting down there, man," the tan boy mutters before looking to Harry, "Who's this?"

"Uh --," Niall starts, then furrows his light blonde eyebrows, "I'm actually not sure. What's your name?"


The tan boy holds out a hand, and Harry notices there's grease on his fingers and palm.

"Zayn," the guy grins, and Harry nods his hello as he shakes his hand.

The captain glances their way, a worried expression set into his features, and seems to swallow unsurely, like he's hiding something.

"You boys go help the passengers into their boats, and be sure to save one for yourselves,"  he says gruffly, and Niall looks directly at him, terrified.

"Save one?" Zayn narrows his eyes, "I thought there were enough -- for passengers and crew."

"Just in case, son," says the man in engineer's coveralls, and Zayn nods stiffly, then begins to pull Niall and Harry away from the control room.

Once the three of them are back in the heat of the crowd, Harry spots the boy he'd seen only fifteen-or-so minutes before, sitting atop the side of the ship, his feet dangling over the edge. He stares at the water below, and Harry chews on his lip, watching the boy carefully.

"Harry! C'mon," Zayn calls out, and Harry tears his eyes away from the boy to look back.

"I'll be right back, just give me a minute, alright?" He curses himself as he runs to the boy and skids to a halt a few steps away.

The boy practically dangling from the ship doesn't even look at him, just continues to stare at the water thoughtfully.

"Hey," Harry says gently, trying not to scare the guy. The last thing he needs is for someone to start a suicide pact.

The boy closes his eyes, pursing his lips so tightly it makes the skin around his mouth turn white.

"If you're going to try to talk me out of killing myself, good luck. I've already made up my mind," the boy answers softly, surprisingly calm.

Harry waits for a moment, then takes a step closer. "Why do you want to kill yourself?"

The boy finally looks back at Harry, sighing, "What makes you think it's any of your business?"

Harry shrugs, "It's not."

A moment passes as the boy stares at Harry.

"Leave me alone," the boy growls lowly, and Harry sighs as the boy turns back to the vast ocean.

"I'm not leaving until your feet are on this deck," Harry crosses his arms. And, he's positive that this boy is too cowardly to actually jump.

"Why the fuck would you care if I kill myself or not? We're all going to die, anyway, whether it be tonight or ten years from now," the boy laughs a soft breath, annoyance pure in his tone, "Might as well get it over with, right?"

"Well, aren't you just a big ray of sunshine?" Harry reaches his hands forward, wrapping his arms around the boy's slim waist, and then pulls him into his arms.

"Let go! Let me go! What the fuck are you doing?" The boy thrashes in his arms, but Harry continues to pull the boy away from the side of the ship and toward the rows of lifeboats. "Get off!"

When Harry finally pulls the boy all of the way to Niall and Zayn, the two of them look at him, seemingly confused. 

"Let me down!" The boy yells from over Harry's shoulder, and Harry does so, but keeps his fingers wrapped around the boy's wrist. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" The boy narrows his eyes angrily.

"Not sure," Harry answers truthfully. He honestly just felt the need to save this asshole from killing himself.

The boy tries to pull away, but finds his wrist caught in Harry's fingers, "Let go."


The boy's nostrils flare, "Let. Go. Of my. Hand."

"Ladies and children first, please!" Yells out Niall, giving Harry an exasperated look.

By the time the children and their mothers are boarded into their boats, there are only six boats left for the rest of the boat (being the fathers and young men). As soon as the first set of men begin to get into their lifeboat, the boat creaks, and suddenly the boat shakes and quivers under their feet, and Harry's fingers tighten around the boy's.

A boy runs past Harry's left, almost crashing into Niall, and he's got a dark green plaid shirt on with black skinny jeans, clashing with his brown, feathery hair.

"I managed to save a boat on the other end," the boy huffs, and Niall grins.

"Thank God," Zayn sighs happily, and then continues to direct men to the boats. 

"Liam," Niall clutches the boy's face in his hands, "You're a lifesaver." And Harry is almost positive that the boy, Liam, blushes.

Suddenly, the boat lets out a large rumbling sound and shakes again, and this time Harry can most definitely feel the ship dropping a bit into the water, and he looks at Niall, his eyes wide with fear.

"If we're getting out of here, we've gotta leave now," Zayn says when he leaves the men to fight over the last boat that can only hold thirty or so people.

Niall looks around, then gulps, "I'm not going without my dad," he says sternly. Zayn gives him a look, then sighs. He guides them back to the control room, closer to the last lifeboat saved for them, and as Harry pulls along the boy with him, he's surprised to find how obedient the boy is being, but he stills hold his hand tightly. They find the captain in the room, facing the large window that looks out onto the deck.

"Dad?" Niall says quietly, like he's afraid he'll shatter his father if he speaks too loud. The man doesn't turn around until Niall walks closer, tapping him on the shoulder. "Dad, c'mon, before the ship collapses in on itself."

The man kneels in front of Niall, like he's a five-year-old child, and he takes a deep breath, looking like he's about to burst into tears.

"I need you to do something for me," the captain says, and Niall furrows his eyebrows down at his father. "Promise me, Niall." For some reason, when his father speaks, his voice is thick and pure with emotion.

Niall nods slowly, unsurely.

"Get into that lifeboat, and don't look back. Got it?"

Before Niall can even shake his head in defiance, Liam rushes forward to pull him away before he can clutch onto his father. 

"Where's my dad?" Zayn asks the captain who only gives him a sad look. Zayn loses his composure for a moment, but then nods stiffly. Liam turns Niall away as the captain stands, turning back toward the wheel.

"Dad!" Niall calls out, tears threatening to spill out of his eyes, but Liam just pulls him out of the control room and forces him into the lifeboat, holding him closely to his chest, and Niall doesn't try to pull away, then, just cries into Liam's shirt, soft mutters of 'dad' being the only intelligible thing coming out of his mouth. 

Zayn is the last into the boat, gripping the ropes tightly and keeping them steady until they reach the water, the waves crashing against the side of the lifeboat.

Harry sits with the boy he brought with him alongside him, his fingers still clamped around his wrist as he watches the ship grow smaller and smaller and then finally, about fifteen minutes later, the ship is swallowed into the ocean, blue clouding out the outline of the glorious cruise ship, and Niall's sobs grow a little louder.
"Anything?" Harry asks Zayn, who looks into the horizon, searching for land, and then he shakes his head.

"Nothing," Zayn concludes in a worried tone.

It's been around eight hours, their small boat drifting out towards nothing, and they all still have no signal with their phones, and only two of their phones are still working and charged. The sunlight is blazing down at them, practically cooking them, and Harry peels away his shirt before running a sweaty hand through his hair.

Niall and Liam, seemingly unphased by the heat, are cuddled together in sleep near the back of the boat, their bodies pressed loosely together, and Harry smiles ruefully.

The boy he had pulled along with them has made it so he is the farthest he can be from the lot of them, sitting up on one of the wooden benches going along the inside of the boat, and he stares out at the water. He doesn't look angry anymore, and his features and more attractive that, unpinched and languid.

Harry crawls over to him, perching himself beside the bench that the boy is on, and he crosses his arms over his bare chest. 

"I'm sorry," Harry licks his lips, not looking away from the boy.

"Don't apologize," the boy says, "You saved my life." The boy glances at Harry out of the corner of his eye.

"You didn't want to be saved, though," Harry turns his attention out to the ocean.

The boy shrugs, "Last night... last night was an odd night. My dad," the boy begins without pause, "he called me and told me that the family, being just him and my mum, thinks it would be best if I move out and pay for my own expenses."

Harry nods, motioning for the boy to go on.

"He said that he'd already packed up my things. As soon as I get back, he said, I'm to go searching for my own place." The boy stays still, unmoving and unshowing of any emotion.

"Without warning?" Harry says, confused.

The boy nods, then smiles, but it's a sad smile, and it makes Harry's heart ache, "Not like I expected any different. They've never wanted me."

Harry moves to sit in the opposite direction of the boy, facing him, and he places his hand on the boy's.

"It'll be alright," he says quietly. The boy scoffs, and Harry shrugs, removing his hand, "At least you won't have to put up with them anymore." Harry smiles softly, "Fuck 'em."

The boy finally looks back at Harry, and he purses his lips to hide a grin. "Sorry. For, you know, being an asshole," the boy looks down at his knees, still clothed in his bright red skinny jeans. "I'm Louis."

For some reason, Harry smiles so much wider then he should in this situation, sitting in a boat not knowing where the hell he's going, without food or water, but he can't hold it back with the way Louis grins back at him.

"I'm Harry," he bites his lip, and he has to hold back the urge to pull Louis into a hug, and he's thankfully interrupted by Zayn whooping and yelping.

"I see something!" He jumps up, almost falling out of the boat, "Land, ho! Shit!" He holds onto the side, practically tipping the whole boat over, and he fist pumps into the sky happily. Liam sits up behind him, looking confused with his eyebrows furrowed, and he blinks at the sunlight.

"What?" He says, his voice scratchy with sleep.

"I see an island or beach or something!" Zayn points out in front of him, and Liam's eyes follow his finger to see a dark spot in the distance. His eyes widen, and he grins over at Zayn.

"Fuck!" Liam calls out, and then he shakes Niall awake.

"Uh...?" Niall groans, and Liam pulls him in for a tight hug. 

"Land! An island! Shit, it's an island!" Zayn yells out, his voice bright with excitement.

Louis smiles at Harry when they glance at each other, and then they quietly watch Zayn and Liam dance in celebration, although the boat disapproves and practically capsizes, making the boys laugh uncontrollably when they get the boat steady again, and then they begin to paddle with their arms toward the island in the distance.


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